About Anne
Anne's passion is empowering her clients with financial knowledge and confidence during their divorce.  She uses her financial, problem-solving, and organizational skills to make the divorce process less stressful.
Anne is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA).  She is trained in the financial issues of divorce and is experienced in financial analysis, fraud investigations, and all aspects of the litigation process. She is a member of the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA).
Anne has a long-standing reputation in the field of commercial litigation for providing exceptionally accurate and thorough financial information to attorneys and judges.  Her financial analysis has assisted in resolving some of the most well-known financial disputes of the past quarter-century.

"Working with Anne was one of the best decisions I made in my divorce.  Without her help, I wouldn't have had the information I needed to have a strong voice regarding finances.  I would wish for any friend facing divorce to have support from someone like Anne."

She has chosen to use this expertise to empower people to master the financial issues and challenges associated with divorce.

Before forming her own company, Anne worked in the corporate world for more than 20 years as a forensic accountant and litigation consultant.  She holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from Northwestern University and a BA in Mathematics.