Providing Financial Clarity Throughout Your Divorce

I can provide you with guidance throughout the entire divorce process, including afterwards as you transition to your new life.  No matter where you are in the process, you can benefit by getting help now.  For simplicity, I have listed examples of my services during three major phases of the divorce process - beginning, middle, and end - but realize that these phases may not be so clear-cut in actuality.  It can be beneficial to get help even if you haven't filed for divorce yet or you are just at the beginning of the process.


  *   Analyze historical spending.  This “Lifestyle Analysis” helps to estimate future financial needs and evaluate

       spousal maintenance.

  *   Assist in preparing required financial affidavits.

  *   Analyze income and expenses from small businesses.

  *  "Follow the money."

  *   Evaluate proposals for dividing marital assets and debt.  Explain differences and future implications of each.

  *  Provide clear and understandable summaries of financial information to help you make informed decisions.


  *   Gather financial documents for all accounts.

  *   Analyze financial information and documents to develop a complete list of assets and liabilities.

  *   Prepare financial information for meetings or conferences.


  *   Establish new accounts.

  *   Transfer assets.

  *   Create new systems for paying bills and keeping track of finances.

  *   Establish a budget for continued financial health.